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2021 - 17th Meeting

Microseismic Monitoring: Imaging and Analysis of Microseismic Wavefields

  • Microseismic Event Detection in the Spectral Domain - Application to Borehole Data, Surface Data and DAS Data
  • Detection of Microseismic Events Induced at the Utah FORGE Site Using Distributed Acoustic Sensors (DAS)
  • Paraxial Traveltimes from Ray Tracing with Adaptive Step Size Control

Physics of Induced Seismicity, Geomechanics and Rock Physics

  • A Poroelastic Correction for Mmax
  • A Geomechanical Model for Half-Moon Events
  • Production-Induced Earthquakes in the Groningen Gas Field: New Results of Poroelastic Modelling
  • A Stress Drop Variation Study in the Rupture Region of the 2014 MW8.1 Iquique Earthquake, Northern Chile