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2017 - 13th Meeting

PHASE 2017

PHASE 2017

Microseismic Monitoring: Imaging and Analysis of Microseismic Wavefields

  • Evaluation of Seismic Attributes for Micro-Seismic Event Detection
  • Automatic Determination of Moveout Parameters for Microseismic Event Detection
  • Semi-auto Picking Using Array Seismogram Volume
  • Microseismic Data Processing in Shale Gas Field: Orthorhombic Velocity Parameter Factorizing, Hypocenter Locating and Moment Tensor Inversion
  • Anisotropic Velocity Model Inversion
  • Source Mechanism Reconstruction in Anisotropic Media
  • Numerical Test Study of the Eikonal Equation Tomography Approach

Microseismic Monitoring: Physical Fundamentals and Interpretation

  • Magnitude Clustering & Nearest Neighbor Analyses of Hydraulic-Fracturing Induced Seismicity
  • Scaling of Injection-Induced Earthquake Magnitude Statistic and Implications for Seismic Hazard Assessment
  • Forecast of Magnitude Frequencies and Estimation of the Maximum Magnitude of Earthquakes Induced by Gas Production in Groningen
  • Linear Diffusion in a Hydraulically Heterogeneous Medium - An Approach to Explain Signatures of Fluid-induced Seismicity

Laboratory Studies and Rock Physics

  • Elastic Properties of Triclinic Porous and Fractured Rocks Under Triaxial Effective Stresses