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2016 - 12th Meeting

Microseismic Monitoring: Imaging and Analysis of Microseismic Wavefields

  • Eikonal Equation Approach for Seismic Speed Tomography from Micro Earthquakes
  • Rock Physics Constrained Estimation of Shale Anisotropy Using Downhole Microseismic Data
  • Sonic Log Based Velocity Optimization with Perforation Shots in Unconventional Oil and Gas Field
  • Anisotropic Velocity Model Inversion
  • 3D Anisotropic Full Waveform Modeling with an Enhanced OASES Workflow for Complex Source-receiver Geometries
  • Anisotropic Source Mechanism Construction and Waveform Modeling
  • Observations on Rupture Directivity of Fluid Induced Events at the Basel EGS
  • Rupture Complexities of Fluid Induced Microseismic Events
  • Fracture Zone Characterization by Quantitative Analysis of Reflected Phases from Microseismic Waveform Data
  • Comparing Stacks of Different Seismic Attributes for Micro-Seismic Event Detection

Microseismic Monitoring: Physical Fundamentals and Interpretation

  • A Statistical Model for Seismic Hazard Assessment of Hydraulic-Fracturing-Induced Seismicity
  • Geometrical Scaling of the Magnitude Frequency Distributions of Injection Induced Earthquakes: Implications for the Assessment and Mitigation of Seismic Hazard
  • Induced Seismicity Generated by Numerical Pore-fluid Pressure Modeling and Poroelastic Stress Modeling and Application to Unterhaching Geothermal Reservoir
  • Scaling of the Back Front of Seismicity Induced by Non-linear Pore-fluid Pressure Diffusion
  • Segmented Dyke Growth and Associated Earthquakes at Bardarbunga Volcanic System (Iceland) are Driven by Non-Linear Magma Pressure Diffusion

Laboratory Studies and Rock Physics

  • Impact of Arbitrarily-oriented Stress on Elastic Anisotropy of Rocks