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2015 - 11th Meeting

PHASE 2015

PHASE 2015

Microseismic Monitoring: Imaging and Analysis of Microseismic Wavefields

  • Arrival Time Picking on Common Receiver Gather
  • Multiplet Identification at two Case Studies: Horn River Basin Hydraulic Fracturing of Shale and Basel EGS
  • Using Multipath Shear Wave Arrivals for Velocity Model Inversion and Microseismic Location in Strongly Anisotropic Shale
  • Rock Physics Constrained Estimation of Shale Anisotropy for Microseismic Processing - From VTI to Orthorhombic
  • Source Characterization of Microseismic Events Using Empirical Green’s Functions
  • Reflection Coefficient Estimates from Microseismic Waveform Data
  • Overlapping Voronoi Volume Clusterization as a Tool for Volumetric Parameter Estimation from Earthquake Data

Microseismic Monitoring: Physical Fundamentals and Interpretation

  • Quantitative Analysis of Rock Stress Heterogeneity: Implications for the Seismogenesis of Fluid Injection-Induced Seismicity
  • Poroelastic Stress Modeling and Simulation of Production Induced Seismicity: Case Study Unterhaching Geothermal Reservoir
  • 3D-Modelling of Non-linear Pore-fluid Pressure Perturbation Based on Induced Seismicity from Barnett Shale
  • Diffusivity Mapping from Injection Induced Microseismic Events

Laboratory Studies and Rock Physics

  • Permeability Contributions of Stiff and Compliant Porosity: Theory and Some Core Measurements