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2009 - 5th Meeting

Microseismic Monitoring: Imaging and Event Analysis

  • Microseismic Event Relocation Using Arrival Times and Cross-Correlation Coefficients: A Synthetic Study
  • An Approach to Analyse Microseismic Event Similarity
  • Time Reverse Characterization of Sources in Heterogeneous Media
  • Microseismic Imaging at KTB
  • Active Seismic Imaging Using Microseismic Events: Results from the San-Andreas-Fault System at SAFOD

Microseismic Monitoring: Physical Fundamentals and Interpretation

  • Magnitude Probability of Events Induced During Injections and Seismogenic Index of Injection Sites
  • Inter Event Times of Fluid Induced Microseismicity
  • Scaling Laws for Post Injection Seismicity
  • Reservoir Diffusivity Estimation by Analysis of the Temporal Evolution of theMicroearthquake Density
  • Fluid Induced Seismicity by Time-dependent Injection Pressures: Theoretical Formulations and Case Study
  • Quantitative analysis of diffusivity estimates obtained from microseismicity with underlying pressure dependent transport properties
  • Magnitude Estimation for Microseismicity Induced During the KTB 2004/05 Injection Experiment
  • Indications for AE Activity on a Macrocrack Controlled by Thermal Stress Diffusion and Static Stress Transfer
  • Tensor Character of Pore Pressure / Stress Coupling in Reservoir Depletion and Injection

Microseismic Laboratory Studies and Rock Physics

  • Acoustic Emission induced by Pore Pressure Pulses in Sandstone Samples
  • Stress Induced Elastic Anisotropy of Shales