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2007 - 3rd Meeting

Microseismic Monitoring

  • Induced seismicity in Barnett Shale: a volumetric hydraulic fracturing
  • Microseismic signatures of hydraulic fracturng in tight gas sandstones with gel and water based treatment fluids
  • Probability of a given magnitude earthquake induced by a fluid injection
  • Monitoring of microseismicity- an application in Northern Chile
  • Triggered Acoustic Emissions under time-dependent loading
  • Seismicity rate and Omori law of induced microseismicity
  • The physics of nonlinear diffusion and associated microseismicity in rocks with pressuredependent permeability
  • Nonlinear diffusion - numerical modeling and interpretation of microseismic signatures related to hydraulic fracturing

Numerical and Theoretical Rock Physics

  • Microscale modeling of effective properties of heavy oil rocks - numerical simulations vs theory
  • emperature-dependent poroelastic and viscoelastic effects on microscale - Modeling of seismic reflections in heavy oil reservoirs
  • On accurate finite-difference modeling of dynamic poroelasticity
  • Modelling the spatiotemporal pore pressure and stress evolution for a point source in poroelastic media
  • Strong dispersion and attenuation of P-waves in a partially saturated fractured reservoir

Laboratory Rock Physics

  • Stress sensitivity of reservoir sandstones
  • Observation of deformation caused by pressure changes and its influence on seismic velocities and elastic moduli in a Chauvigny Limestone
  • Seismo-acoustic signatures of temperature dependent geothermal rocks at in-situ reservoir conditions

Seismic Imaging

  • Seismic imaging - a summary