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2005 - 1st Meeting

  • Statistics of Fracture Strength and Fluid-Induced Microseismicity
  • Dynamics of Microseismicity by Hydraulic Fracturing: An Approach to Interpretation
  • Fluid-Induced Seismicity Guided by a Continental Fault System: The 2004/2005 Injection Test at the German Deep Drilling Site (KTB)
  • Accurate Location of Injection-Induced Microearthquakes at the German Deep Drilling Site (KTB) at 4km Depth
  • Fast Location of Seismicity: A Migration-type Approach
  • Stress Sensitivity of Seismic and Electric Rock Properties of the Upper Continental Crust at the KTB
  • Elastic Anisotropy of Porous and Fractured Rocks Under Stress
  • Numerical Study of Transmission Signatures of Gas Hydrate Bearing Microstructures
  • Reflection Coefficients of Fractured Media