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Univ.-Prof. Mark Handy

Teaching in Berlin & Abroad

At the Freie Universität Berlin

    • Introductory Earth Sciences
    • Structural Geology
    • Tectonics & Geodynamics
    • Structure and Rheology of Geological Materials
    • Geology of Europe
    • Dynamics of Sedimentary Basins
    • Evolution of the Alpine-type Mountain Belts
    • Seminars on Tectonic and other Earth Science themes
    • Field courses (Geological mapping, excursions)

At other institutions

  • Guest researcher of the CNRS / Univ. de Rennes 1, France (November 2007-February 2008)
  • Distinguished Lecturer at the Vening Meinesz Research School of Geodynamics, the Netherlands (Research Seminar on Integrated Geodynamics, 2004)
  • Guest professor at the Univ. of Vienna, Austria (May-July, 2003)
  • Invited lecturer at the European Graduate Summer School, Charles Univ. of Prague (July 2001, June-July 1995, 1997, 2001)

Public Service

    • Lectures and field trips on Earth Science to children in the Berlin schools
    • Educational Directorate, John-F.-Kennedy Schule, Berlin (2008-2010)
    • Guest lectures on Earthquakes for the Deutsche Akademische Austauschdient (DAAD)