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akademischer Background

since 2000 Professor (C3) of Geology, Freie Universität Berlin
1994 - 2000 Petroleum Geologist (Amoco, BP), based in Houston, Tulsa, and Calgary
1994 Ph.D. (Geology), Stanford University, California: Geology of the Archean Moodies Group, Barberton Geenstone Belt, South Africa.
1988 M.A. (Geology), University of Texas at Austin: Geology of the Southeastern Termination of the Cordillera Central, Dominican Republic, Greater Antilles. (A large part of the thesis work was done at the Institute for Geophysics, UT Austin)
1985 Vordiplom (Geology), Würzburg University
1981 Abitur, Gymnasium Carolinum, Ansbach, Bayern

beruflicher Background

since 2000 Professor (C3) of Geology, Freie Universität Berlin
1999 - 2000 Staff Geologist, BP Amoco Canada, Calgary / Alberta: Exploration in the Rocky Mountains foothills
1998 - 1999 Senior Petrophysicist, Amoco Research Technology Center, Tulsa, OK: Participant in the one-year "Petrophysics Program" training course. Reservoir analysis of Appleton and Fulmar Fields, Central North Sea, UK
1996 - 1998 Senior Geologist, Amoco Orient Production Company: Assigned to the Liuhua Field Asset Team, a shallow carbonate oil field offshore Hongkong (PRC)
1994 - 1996 Regional Studies Group, Amoco Exploration: Regional stratigraphic and structural framework of the Middle East and of central Asia with focus on the Tarim basin in western China; plate-tectonic reconstructions