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Geodynamics of the Alpine Mediterranean Area

Two-­day Symposium

Friday-­Saturday, 15-­16th of November, 2013

GeoCampus Berlin‐Lankwitz

House C, Room C014


Friday, November 15

Coffee 9:45-­‐10:15

•    10:15-­‐10:30 Mark Handy: Introduction
•    10:30-­‐10:45 Laszlo Fodor: Structural evolution of the Pannonian Basin – major
steps and possible connections to surrounding orogens
•  10:45-­‐11:00 Ferenc Horvath: Geodynamics of the Pannonian Basin in the Mediterranean context


•  11:20-­‐11:40 Liviu Matenco: The evolution of the distal Adriatic margin in the Dinarides and
its interaction with the Pannonian Basin and the Alps Discussion
Lunch 12:00-­‐14:00

•  14:00-­‐14:20 Stefan Schmid: How do the Rhodopes fit into the Dinarides-­‐ Hellenides and
Carpatho-­‐Balkan orogens?
•  14:40-­‐15:00 Douwe van Hinsbergen, Liviu Matenco, Stefan Schmid, Marco Maffione, T.H. Torsvik:
Kinematic restoration of the Mediterranean region since the Triassic
 •  15:20-­‐15:40 Eduard Kissling & Stefan Schmid: Lithosphere structure and tectonics of the
Western Alps: roll back subduction and slab-­‐tearing dynamics shaping the orogenic arc
Coffee break 16:00-­‐16:30

•    16:30-­‐16:45 Mark Handy, Kamil Ustaszewski, Eduard Kissling: Plate kinematic
reconstructions of the Alps-­‐Carpathians-­‐Dinarides system back to 84 Ma
•    16:45-­‐17:00 Kamil Ustaszewski, Mark Handy, Eduard Kissling: Switches of
subduction polarity and slab gaps beneath the Alps and Dinarides


Dinner together in town

Saturday, November 16

Coffee 9:00-­‐9:30

•  9:30-­‐9:50 Laurent Jolivet, Armel Menant, Pietro Sternai, Aurélien Rabillard: Subduction
dynamics, magmatism and mineralization in the Aegean and the Middle East -­‐   insights from
reconstructions and 3D numerical models. Discussion
•  10:10-­‐10:30 Wim Spakman: Testing of tectonic evolution models by 3D numerical modeling of
mantle processes driving subduction -­‐   application to the westernmost Mediterranean

Coffee 10:50-­‐11:20

•  11:20-­‐11:40 Claudio Faccenna, Thorsten Becker, Antoine Roizel, Enrico Serpelloni: Mantle flow
and dynamic topography in the Mediterranean
•  11:40-­‐12:00 Rinus Wortel, Rob Govers, Marzieh Baes: Plate boundary reorganization in the
western-­‐central Mediterrananean


Free for talks and discussion

Meeting participants before the final discussion round at the GeoCampus Lankwitz of the Freie Universität-Berlin

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