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Malte Kalter



Malteserstr. 74-100, Haus N
Raum N1
12249 Berlin

Professional experience

Since 10/2020

Doctoral Candidate, Freie Universität, Berlin



10/2014 – 09/201

Bachelor of Science “Geowissenschaften“ University of Bremen

Bachelor Thesis: "Aufbau und Ursprung einer karbonischen, submarinen Intrusion im Lahn Dill Gebiet"7

10/2017 – 09/2020

Master of Science “Geowissenschaften“ University of Bremen

Master Thesis: “Redox conditions during deserpentinization in western Elba Island, Italy”.0

Current research interests

The dehydration of altered oceanic lithosphere in subduction zones plays a key role in many arc related processes. Redox sensitive elements like sulfur can be either leached out with the fluid or be further transported to the mantle. The fate of sulfur in the subduction zone is therefore crucial for the chemical budget of the earth’s interior and the global sulfur cycle. A key to understand the process in the subduction zone is to understand the distribution of sulfur in the incoming plate. Different hydrothermal systems and different tectonic settings leading to a different sulfur flux into the subduction zone. In the subduction zone the sulfur flow can be tracked by sulfides in internal and external derived veins.

With my PhD project I want to have a deeper look into the sulfur cycle in the subduction zone. Therefore, I will use stable sulfur isotopes (δ34 S) values and trace elements in sulfide minerals. For the project I will work on ocean drilling program (ODP) samples of the altered oceanic crust and hydrated upper mantle as well as their exhumed equivalents from subduction zones, which have faced eclogite facies conditions.