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 Schedule overwiew of the LAC 2012


download schedule


Time frame for oral presentations:                     15 minutes talk plus 5 minutes discussion

Poster presentations:                                          Please prepare the poster in A0 vertical
                                                                             format (1189 x 841 mm).


Keynotes will be held by the following speakers:

Opening Keynote                                                 John Bintliff,
                                                                             Faculteit Archeologie, Mediterranean
                                                                             Archaeology, Leiden University

Human Adaptation                                               Renate Gerlach,
                                                                             LVR-Amt für Bodendenkmalpflege im
                                                                             Rheinland, Bonn

Ancient Megastructures                                        Nicole Alexanian,
                                                                             Deutsches Archäologisches Institut,
                                                                             Abteilung Kairo

Theoretical Concepts                                            Jason Ur,
                                                                              Department of Anthropology,
                                                                              Harvard University

Landscape Resilience                                            Norm Catto,
                                                                              Department of Geography,
                                                                              Memorial University of Newfoundland

Spatial information systems                                  Kenneth Kvamme,
                                                                              Department of Anthropology,
                                                                              University of Arkansas