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Jun.-Prof. Dr. Maria Piquer-Rodriguez

Maria Piquer-Rodriguez

Mensch-Umwelt Geographie

Leader of Research Group “Modelling Human-Environmental Interactions”

Malteserstr. 74-100, Haus K
Raum K 067
12249 Berlin


Online - Anmeldung bitte via Email

I am interested in understanding socio-ecological land systems and how their changes due to anthropogenic forces, impact on the socio-environmental wellbeing of rich biocultural agricultural regions. I include the role of policies and transboundary influences in my studies and thus geopolitics and the history of regions are key in my work.

I studied a Bachelor of Environmental Sciences in Spain, I did a master on Geo-information in the Netherlands and after working for a couple of year in Australia as a data analyst I ended up doing my doctoral studies at the Geography Department of Humboldt University. I spent two years in Argentina as a postdoc and returned back to Germany to accomplish another two years of postdoc at Freie Universität, where since March 2022 I hold the chair of “Modelling Human-Environment Interactions” of the Geography Institute.

I am the coordinator of the Global Land Program “Socio-Ecological Land Systems of Latin America” (website).

SS 2022: Basic GIS (GER/ENG) Hybrid