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How can biomass serve our needs?

Biomass fired power plant diagram

Biomass fired power plant diagram
Image Credit: Anette Stumptner 2015 after Tennessee Valley Authority, http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Coal_fired_power_plant_diagram.svg

There is a high variety of biomass processing and end products. The typical and in the context of IWM most common processing is the direct combustion and generation of:

  • heat for cocking and heating a house
  • power generation (electricity)

Next to these direct outcomes, the biomass processing can lead to side products, such as:

  • fertiliser (solid and liquid)
  • compost
  • clean water
  • less environmental pollution

Biomass production and consumption has a wide range of positive effects to livelihood and income generation – but tend to be over utilised and such leading in the long term to the opposite!

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