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How can we save biomass?

Biomass is not infinite. Therefore saving biomass should go parallel to the production and consumption. Saving biomass is possible by utilisation of energy efficient techniques such as energy saving stoves, but also through processing of biomass towards higher energy density.

The higher the energy density of the biomass product used, the higher the outcome and the lower the mass of use for the same energy output.

A typical process for increasing the energy density of biomass is the production of charcoal.

Charcoal production has an old tradition all over the world; today it is most common in developing countries and to maintain cultural history in some areas of developed countries.

The traditional charcoal production in developing countries is done by simple processing that is consuming much wood. Today, energy saving technologies are introduced, such as the charcoal production in drums, see the figure above.

In Europe the processing of wood and other biomass to pellets is a new developed industry towards sustainable and effective utilisation of biomass. Wood pellets are usually used for house and water heating through central heating system.


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