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Which are the principals of IWM?

Water harvesting kenya

Water harvesting kenya
Image Credit: Stefan Thiemann

  • Utilizing natural resources according to its sustainable capability 
  • Secure adequate vegetation cover during the rainy season 
  • Conserving as much rainwater as possible at the place where it falls 
  • Effective utilisation of surface and groundwater resources 
  • Avoiding gully formation and control soil erosion 
  • Increase groundwater recharge 
  • Ensuring sustainability of the ecosystem benefitting  the man‐animal‐plant‐water‐land complex in the watershed
  • Improving infrastructural facilities with regard to storage, transportation, and marketing 
  • Preventing water pollution and increasing WASH (water and sanitation hygiene) facilities 
  • Solving water conflicts within the watershed 
  • Securing access to water [9]
  • Participation of the population in decision-making and actions regarding Watershed Management


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