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Which are the objectives of IWM?

Objectives of Watershed Management

Objectives of Watershed Management
Image Credit: after data from Bollom 1998; Förch and Schütt 2004 b; Panda 2003

The main goal of Watershed Management – sustainable management of natural resources to improve the quality of living for the population – is to be accomplished by the following objectives:

  • supply and securing of clean and sufficient drinking water for the population;
  • provision and securing of access to sanitation;
  • improvement and restoration of soil quality and thus, raising productivity rates;
  • reducing the impact of natural hazards (especially in the context of climate change);
  • improvement of the income of the population with simultaneous regeneration of natural resources;
  • improvement of infrastructure for storage, transport and agricultural marketing;
  • improvement of physical health (supported by clean drinking water, access to sanitation, improved nourishment);
  • advancement of (environmental) education and self-help;
  • improvement of an effective management of the financial resources available for environmental and international cooperation [6] [7] [8].

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