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Participatory planning and management approaches

Participation in community development is significant factor which can help to achieve the development goal. How do the village community having identified their community needs and plan their development themselves? That should reflect through their development plan.

What are the benefits of participation in community development? 

  • community interest in the development process
  • community  interest  in  the  localities  in which  such a project  is planned
  • empower the Communities in the decision making process
  • communities able to fully contribute their own local knowledge to the repository of expert environmental and social data
  • facilitation, investigation, analysis, presentation and learning by local people and sharing of information and ideas
  • expectation  of  Village  development  by  plans  formulated outside  the  villages  at  urban  centres with  less  knowledge  on the  village  realities  and  imposed  upon  village  communities from the top
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