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What is the meaning of integrated?

Using the terminology ‘integrated’ always leads to the assumption to ‘compose and coordinate to form a whole’. In the context of Integrated Watershed Management the term ‘integrated’ demonstrates that all aspects of watershed management will always be considered for each individual activity. There are never ‘stand-alone’ actions possible: Each activity in a watershed is influencing the whole watershed – and the whole watershed is influencing each activity.

Precipitation in the mountains occurs and surface runoff is collected by a dam

Tentative consequence 1

Tentative consequence 2

Evaporation is increasing due to

the water collection in the dam:

less water will be available for

downstream users

Storage of water allows stream

flow in dry season:

downstream user benefit from

continuous water availability

Which assumption is correct?

➙ Integrated approach to discuss the tentative consequences

is needed

Factors to be considered for both tentative consequences:

  • Evaporation rates
  • Difference between natural and anthropogenic retention areas
  • Water source protection
  • Climate predictions
  • Economic and ecologic benefit and/or disadvantage of dams
  • Community involvement
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