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Learning Targets

Learning targets

Learning targets
Image Credit: A. Stumptner, 2007

The learning targets of the Watershed Management-Module are:

  • you know the understandings of Watershed Management;
  • you know the meaning of natural resource management;
  • you understand the importance of natural resource management;
  • you know the basics about the Watershed Management concept (principles and goals of Watershed Management, etc.);
  • you can classify the Watershed Management concept within existing planning approaches;
  • you know about the interactions of geospheres in shaping watersheds;
  • you have an understanding about the processes that may act in watersheds;
  • you know about the problems that may occur within watersheds;
  • you have an first insight into the relationship between supply and demand for natural resources in watersheds;
  • you know about the necessity to determine the relevant factors to develop a suitable Watershed Management strategy;
  • you now the basics and goals of the landscape sensitivity concept;
  • you know the procedure to assess the landscape sensitivity of a specific watershed;
  • you know and understand how soil and water conservation can be carried out in different watersheds;
  • you can transfer your knowledge about soil and water conservation to the watershed relevant for you;
  • you know the steps that are to be carried out during a watershed planning cycle; 
  • you are able to initiate the watershed planning steps in another context.

The module structure is illustrated on the next learning page.

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