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How to learn with the e-Learning materials

Learning path options and hyperlink structure in the Watershed Management-Module.

Learning path options and hyperlink structure in the Watershed Management-Module.
Image Credit: A. Stumptner, 2007

A short description of how to learn with the e-Learning materials is given here.

Learning path

You have two options:

  • You learn the contents of Watershed Management in the suggested sequence by using the hyperlinks on the end of each site.

  • you choose your own learning path by using the main menu (on the left site).


Generally, all hyperlinks in this module open in a new tab. If you have studied the information given there you close the window and continue with your chosen learning path. Sole exception of his hyperlink structure are the hyperlinks at the end of a web page referring to the next web page of the suggested learning sequence. These open in the same window.

Test and excercise questions

Some information for answering the test and excercise questions:

  • Follow the instructions given in the text. Arrows will appear on every page that lead you to the next page.
  • You have always the chance to answer the question again!


Abbreviations are avoided as far as possible in the Watershed Management-Module. Before – in some cases – abbreviations are used they are introduced on the respective pages or a hyperlink to the explanation is provided. An exception is Watershed Management which is abbreviated also in the menu with WM.


A hyperlink to the references is offered at the end of the main part of each chapter.

Figures and Animations

The figures illustrated in the Watershed Management-Module are generated by the authors of the module if no other person is referenced. Also the animations of the module are developed by the author. The photos of the test questions are provided by Mike Ramelow and Christian Reinhardt.

The authors wishes all learners enjoyment and success!

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