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Our department offers the following degree programmes:


BSc Geologische Wissenschaften (Geological Sciences)

BSc Geographische Wissenschaften (Geographical Sciences)

BSc Meteorologie (Meteorology)


MSc Geologische Wissenschaften (Geological Sciences)

MSc Geographische Wissenschaften (Geographical Sciences)

MSc Meteorologie (Meteorology)

MSc Environmental Earth Sciences

MSc Landschaftsarchäologie (Landscape Archaeology)


The MSc programme in Environmental Earth Sciences is in English. In the other degree programmes, the primary language of instruction is German, though some courses may be taught in English.


For key information in English about these study programmes, admission requirements (including language skills), application procedures, deadlines, advisory services, etc., please consult Freie Universität Berlin's


The Graduate Prospectus  provides a guide to studying for a master's degree at Freie Universität.



Here is the information you need to study for a doctoral degree at Freie Universität Berlin.