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All DWD-Stations in hourly, daily, monthly, yearly or quarterly (e.g.: 30yearly funds) resolution

The climate data are stored in the CDC FTP-Server and are part of the DWD-basic services. They are protected by copyrights.
The performance of the basic services should be according to the "Regulations of the Agreement for the Terms of Service" for making available the Geo Data of the Union (GeoNutzV)" without restriction and with indication of sources for further use.

For the Indication of Source
the following design devices are obligatory:

  • Geo data and other performances of the DWD will be used unchanged, the source indicator has to be: "Source: German Weather Service". The obligation for the source indicator can be fullfilled, in this case, through the placing of the DWD-Logos.
  • By changing, processing, new design or any other modifications, the source indicator must show the range of the changes, e.g. in the form "Data basis: German Weather Service, numerical value", "Data basis: German Weather Service, Text shortened" or "Data basis: German Weather Serivce, values processed".