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Bachelor and Master Work

Bachelor Work               105
Master Thesis 53
In preparation 5
Total of already existing Met.Library 102

Date 13.7.17  /  All of the already existing works in the Met. Library can also be found at PRIMO

Here you will find a list of all the Bachelor themes of the Institute for Meteorology and the Institute for Space Science for: 2017  Overview of all exams of Meteorology in German since 1969 (DWD)

Something Missing?

Please let us know if your BA or MA is missing at: bibliothek@met.fu-berlin.de

- Only report BA or MA Thesis of the IFM melden

- Your thesis (PDF) can be recorded (Optional)

- Necessary Information: Your Name, Titel or your work, year of issue, pages, supervisor/expert

Tips for your Master studies

Tips for your Bachelor studies

Here you will find an example of Bachelor work.