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Team Meeting

The team meets every Tuesday at 2 pm in the small conference room 194 in order to discuss tasks and themes. Also talks about the groups' research findings take place. The team meetings also take place when there is no semester.

Updated: 8th November 2019

Date Meeting Subject
07.01.2020   ---
14.01.2020 no
21.01.2020 yes Paper club: "The hammam effect or how a warm oceanenhances large scale atmospheric predictability" https://doi.org/10.1038/s41467-019-09305-8
28.01.2020 no
04.02.2020 yes Ingo Kirchner: "How well reproduce simple models the observed climate - Experiences with VAST" More details: https://poincare.met.fu-berlin.de/~ingokir/KursExp/CompareClimate/
11.02.2020 ( yes ) ---
18.02.2020   ---
25.02.2020   ---