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Modul Luftchemie

Prof. Martijn Schaap, Prof. Tim Butler, Prof. Peter Builtjes, Dr. Sabine Banzhaf


Last course: WS1516 (15.-19.02.2016)

Next course: WS1617 (27.-31.03.2017)



  • Insight on the chemical composition of the natural atmosphere of the earth in relation to other planets
  • Altered chemical composition of the stratosphere
  • Altered chemical composition of the troposphere: gas-phase and aerosol chemistry
  • Measurements, their interpretation and modelling of meteorology and air chemistry
  • Examples of investigations in air chemistry and air quality on the European and on the global scale


The students gain general knowledge on the chemical composition of the stratosphere and the troposphere. They get to know the role of air chemistry with respect to air quality and climate change and obtain the ability to read, understand and assess scientific literature on this subject. The basic fundamentals of numeric modelling to describe meteorological and chemical processes should be understood.


The successful graduation of the module includes frequent (at least 85%) and active participation in the corresponding seminar (30 minutes presentation on a relevant scientific publication) and the exercises. The participation in the lecture is recommended (V/Ü+S: 6 LP).