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Young City Climate - Urban energy efficiency

Climate modelling for Iran with ECHAM/REMO and downscaling of meteorological surface parameters


funded by Ministry for education and research Germany (BMBF), 2008-2013




The greater area of Tehran is a very dynamical growing region with rising severe problems with respect to future development of emissions and the ventilation within cities, the overall growth of e.g. suburban areas, housing, traffic and industrial areas. The technical and industrial standards are overall comparable to Europe, so that the strategies and instruments developed in Europe can be applied to that region. For the development of strategies in cooperation with the Iranian institutions and planning to overcome the environmental and energy problems in the Cities the analysis of regional cli-mate simulations and modelling exercises is desired and will be used for Iran the first time. Of strong interest is the preparation of relevant emission information for energy, green house gases, anthropogenic and natural pollutants in the Near East relevant for climate modelling.


Objective of the project:


- For the first time the regional climate model REMO (MPI Hamburg) will be applied to Iran and the Middle East with a horizontal grid resolution of about 10 km.

- By downscaling of the regional model output with Neurofuzzy models and climate data, higher resoluted information for a 1 km² grid will be developed for the Hashtgerd and Tehran area in cooperation to ASMERC.

- The regional anthropogenic and natural emission maps of relevant gases and particles will be prepared by use and combination of existing international and Iranian emission invento-ries. Estimations of landuse changes and additional changes of energy and pollutants emissions especially from this project will be uses to create scenarios for regional and global cli-mate modelling (The Seventh Framework Programme, project proposal Megapoli).