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CSS - Center for Scientific Simulation - Near Surface Atmospheric Process Models for Hydrological Prediction

  funded by Freie Universität Berlin, 2008-...




Lake Tegel, located at the Northwestern part of Berlin, is an important drinking water supply for the city. Pharmaceutical and gasoline residues influence the lake’s ecosystem and can endanger human health. Knowledge of the processes in the lake are of great interest to minimize the consequences for the environment.  Three different institutes collaborate in this project to investigate the lake.



  The aim of the research project ‘Near Surface Atmospheric Process Models for Hydrological Prediction’ is a small scale simulation of the near surface boundary layer. The simulation is carried out with TRAMPER, a combination of numerical analysis of observations and a model of the boundary layer. Another approach is the simulation with the microclimate model ENVI-met. The model results are provided for the IGB for the simulation of Lake Tegel with the Princeton Ocean Model (POM). By means of POM the transport and dispersion of anthropogenic substances are ivestigated.