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Curious about ...

… understanding climate change?

… the sustainable development of natural resources?

… the study of natural hazards such as earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides and tsunamis?

… the evolution of life on earth?

… deciphering the origin and the evolution of the Earth and other planets?

You can study all this and more at the Institute of Geological Sciences at the Freie Universität Berlin!

The growing population of our planet Earth faces major challenges:

1. Climate change will massively change the habitats and living conditions for people, animals and plants.

2. The majority of the Earth's population lives on or in the vicinity of dynamically very active plate boundaries, which have a high potential for natural disasters.

3. For a good quality of life, we need sustainable access to natural resources - water, energy, deposits and food - while protecting the environment and biodiversity.


Modern geosciences focus on understanding and solving these types of problems.

Are you interested in nature and natural sciences and you would like to take an interdisciplinary approach? We are an interdisciplinary science subject that in addition to geoscientific topics also integrates physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology as well as computer modeling. Our institute at the campus in Berlin Lankwitz combines future-oriented research and innovative teaching. We consider the processes relevant to Earth and humanity as the results of inter systems and have therefore largely based our teaching on interdisciplinary project work.

Worldwide field trips, laboratory work, and field measurements provide an exciting variety in your studies that also include applications of modern software tools.

Specializations established with us include:

Geochemistry, Hydrogeology, Mineralogy



Planetology and Remote Sensing

Tectonics and Sedimentary Systems

Our green GeoCampus with its own library, cafeteria and student hang-out spots offers a pleasant, social and productive learning atmosphere with close links to fellow students and current research. The Berlin / Potsdam area is a very dynamic location for geoscientific research. The regional competence network Geo-X (https://www.geo-x.net) bundles the geoscientific expertise of four universities and five research institutions. This competence network Geo-X offers an excellent opportunity for student internships and early involvement in top geoscientific research during your studies.


Take a look at the student interviews to find out more about studying in our dynamic institute.

For more information on the different BSc and MSc degrees, please visit the studies information page of the department of Earth Sciences  or the German studies pages of the Institute of Geological Sciences.