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Simon Linti

M.Sc. in Geosciences

Simon Linti

PhD Student | Project Saturn CDA-Experiment

Malteserstr. 74-100, Building D
Room D-218
12249 Berlin


• since 04/2019

PhD student in the Planetary Sciences and Remote Sensing Group at FU Berlin.

• 12/2018

Master of Science in Geosciences at University of Heidelberg.

Topic of Dissertation:

Dust particle analysis as seen by the Cosmic Dust Analyzer during Cassini’s Grand Finale Orbits


Research Interests:

• Planetary rings

• Cosmic dust

• Space missions to outer planetary systems

• Mass spectrometry


Linti, S., Hillier, J. and Postberg, F. (2020) Compositional analysis of rocky material in Saturn’s C and D Rings as seen by CDA during Cassini’s Grand Finale Orbits, EPSC Abstracts Vol.14, EPSC2020-359.



Nozair Khawaja, Frank Postberg, Fabian Klenner, Simon Linti. Compositional Analysis of F ring Ice Grains on Cassini’s Ring-Grazing Orbits. Dusty Visions, European Space Astronomy Center (ESAC) Madrid, Spain (2018).