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Lisa Maria Eckart

M.Sc. Geosciences
B.Sc. Geography


Research Assistant | Project Destiny+

Malteserstr. 74-100, Building D
Room D-219
12249 Berlin


10/2019 - 12/2021 Master Student and Student Assistent at the Research Group of Planetary Sciences, FU Berlin

Since 10/2017 Master Geosciences, Uni Potsdam

2013-2016: Bachelor Geosciences, LMU & TU Munich

2011-2015: Bachelor Geography, LMU Munich

Topic of Master Thesis:

Cosmic Dust Analogs for Calibration of the Destiny Dust Analyzer (DDA) onboard the DESTINY+ Mission to Asteroid (3200) Phaethon


Research Interests:

  • Cosmic Dust
  • Asteroids/Comets
  • Cosmomineralogy
  • Mass Spectroscopy
  • Planetary Space Missions

Hillier, J., Armes, S. P., Eckart, L. M., Khawaja, N., Klenner, F., Postberg, F., Srama, R., Sternovsky, S., Trieloff, M. (2021) Simulating hypervelocity cosmic dust in the laboratory. PERC Int’l symposium on Dust & Parent bodies (IDP2021; held online).



Eckart, L. M., Hillier, J. K. and Postberg, F. (2020) Relating Meteorites to Asteroid Parent Bodies by Analysis of Ejected Dust during Low Velocity Spacecraft Flybys, EPSC Abstracts Vol.14, EPSC2020-577.