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This command-line program carries out image brightness equalisation using an external reference image. It is intended as a pre-processing step before assembling a mosaic.

The software requires installation of the free IDL virtual machine, and runs on all common platforms (if a full IDL license is available, it will run without the splash screen). A GDAL installation is also required.

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Additional information may be found in:

G.G. Michael, S.H.G. Walter, T. Kneissl, W. Zuschneid, C. Gross, P.C. McGuire, A. Dumke, B. Schreiner, S. van Gasselt, K. Gwinner, R. Jaumann. Systematic processing of Mars Express HRSC panchromatic and colour image mosaics: image equalisation using an external brightness reference. Planetary and Space Science, 2015.