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Sara Vulpius, M.Sc.


Geodynamics and Mineral Physics of Planetary Processes group

Doctoral Student - SPP 1833 Building a Habitable Earth

Malteserstraße 74-100
Room D204, Building D
12249 Berlin

Global volatile cycles of early Earth

Development of an enhanced thermo-chemical model of Earth’s mantle, lithosphere and crust by including volatile cycles (focusing mainly on H, C and N that form greenhouse gases, but also Xe, Ar and Ne as trace elements) from interior to surface and vice versa. The cycles operate via outgassing, condensation and crustal recycling. One of the main questions to be answered is which mechanisms could have recycled the volatiles into the upper mantle before the on-set of plate tectonics as it operates today.


B.Sc. in Geoscience, FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg
Study emphases: Petrology, Palaeobiology, Mineralogy, Sedimentology

Quantitative Analyse von Ooiden des Unterjuras von Norditalien“
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kiessling

M.Sc. in Geoscience,FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg
Major subject: Petrology-Geodynamics-Georesources; Minor subject: Palaeobiology

Petrological and geochemical study of volcanic rocks from the CIR and the SEIR”
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Karsten Haase, Co-Supervisor: PD Dr. Christoph Beier


Vulpius S and Kiessling W (2018): New constraints on the last aragonite-calcite sea transition from early Jurassic ooids. Facies, 64:3

Ortenzi G, Noack L, Sohl F, Guimond CM, Grenfell L, Dorn C, Schmidt JM, Vulpius S, Katyal N, Kitzmann D and Rauer H (2020): Redox state of mantle drives chemical speciation of volatiles during outgassing for rocky planets. Nature Scientific Reports, 10:10907

Gaillard F, Bouhifd MA, Furi E, Malavergne V, Marrocchi Y, Loack L, Ortenzi G, Roskocz M and Vulpius S(2020): The diversity of planetary ingassing/outgassing paths produced through billions of years of magmatic activities. Space Science Reviews, in revision


Vulpius S, Noack L and Hoffmann JE (2021): The effect of fractional crystallization on the volatile release from intrusive bodies on early Earth. SPP1833 Meeting 2021, Virtual Meeting, Oral presentation

Vulpius S and Noack L (2021): Effects on the solubility and the volatile release from magmatic intrusions. EGU2021, Virtual Meeting, Oral Pico presentation

Vulpius S and Noack L (2021): The fate of volatiles during magma body crystallization. Goldschmidt2021, Lyon, France, Oral presentation

Vulpius S and Noack L (2021): The fate of volatiles during magma body crystallization. German-Swiss Geodynamics Workshop, Bad Belzig, Germany, Oral presentation