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Caro Brachmann, M.Sc.

Image Credit: Caro Brachmann

Geodynamics and Mineral Physics of Planetary Processes group

Malteserstr. 74-100, Room B125, 12249 Berlin

Doctoral student - TRR170 Late Accretion onto Terrestrial Planets (C05)

DLR Institut für Planetenforschung
Rutherfordstraße 2
12489 Berlin

My Phd thesis will focus on the internal evolution and volcanic degassing on early Earth and Mars. In collaboration with TRR subproject C5 we aim to develop a geodynamic model that will compute the chemical composition and the release of volcanic gases during the ascent of magma and thereby obtain new insights into the time dependent changes of the global planetary redox state.In order to do so, we will

- analyze the relationships between redox state, silicate melt composition and volatile gas phases,- extend the gas speciation analyses that were developed in the first funding period on C-H-O to halogens and sulfur,and couple chemical gas speciation, volatile release and permeable outgassing with structural and geodynamical models of the interior of Earth and Mars.