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General about the Mission

The NASA Mars 2020 mission is en route to Mars since July 30th 2020. On board: The NASA rover “Perseverance”, the most complex equipment ever sent to Mars. Besides numerous scientific instruments, it will carry containers for a drill core sample collection that will be left on Mars for a later return to Earth carried out by follow-up missions planned for the 2030s. The approximately one metric ton heavy vehicle is set to land on 18 February 2021 at 21:55 CET in Jezero crater and will then start the search for traces of microbial life. The research group of Freie Universität Berlin, with Prof. Dr. Ralf Jaumann as co-investigator in the Mastcam-Z (Mast Camera, Zoom) stereo camera on "Perseverance". The camera will be able to provide 360-degree panoramas in 3D and in colour. In total, the rover has 23 cameras, more than any other interplanetary mission to date.Also on board the rover "Ingenuity", a 1.8 kg helicopter drone that will be used as a near-field reconnaissance instrument.


See also link: Flight over Jezero Crater - NASA Mars 2020 Landing Site from 29.07.2020