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ENCELADUS - Alien Ocean

ENCELADUS - Alien Ocean

ENCELADUS - Alien Ocean

News from Dec 15, 2020

Enceladus, a geologically active satellite of Saturn, is a potentially habitable place in the Solar System, with conditions believed to be favourable to life. Under the framework of the ERC Habitat-OASIS project, Dr. Nozair Khawaja from Freie Universität Berlin Planetary Sciences Research Group and Syed Muneeb Ali, an undergraduate student of Physics from Forman Christian College (a chartered university) Lahore-Pakistan have developed an animation of Enceladus’ subsurface ocean processes. In this animation, the concept of the transport of ocean material from Enceladus’ rocky core at depth to the surface of the ocean and the formation of Enceladus’ plume ice grains is demonstrated.

This is a volunteer project for education and outreach.

Watch the film here


Copyright: © Syed Muneeb Ali/Nozair Khawaja/FU Berlin

Credits: Enceladus Textures are obtained by NASA/JPL/Cassini


The Habitat-OASIS project is funded by the European Union (Project ID: 724908)

European Research Council (ERC), ERC-2016-COG Consolidator Grant

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