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Electron beam microprobe

Electron beam microprobe, EM, microprobe, microprobe, an analytical instrument that can be used to determine the chemical compositions of the smallest subareas (1-2 μm diameter) of solids.


Image Credit: AG Mineralogie FU-Berlin

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Contact: Dr. Andreas Beinlich

E-Mail: andreas.beinlich@fu-berlin.de

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The JEOL JXA 8200 Superprobe device is equipped with

  • 5 crystal spectrometers (WDS) for elements starting from carbon (Z = 6)
  • 1 energy-dispersive X-ray detector (EDS) for elements starting from sodium (Z = 11)

Areas of application

  • Surface morphology (secondary electron detector)
  • Element contrasts (backscattered electron detector)
  • Qualitative analysis (EDS, WDS)
  • Quantitative Point Analysis Against Standards (WDS)
  • Element Distribution Images (WDS)