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Where and how do geophysicists work? This movie by Deutsche Geophysikalische Gesellschaft offers a short insight into our tasks and challenges.

If you want to study geophysics in our bachelor's and master's programs in Geological Sciences, you are required to have an advanced command of German. We therefore refer to the official course program of Freie Universität Berlin and our German website for detailed course descriptions.

General course guidance and counseling from the Institute of Geological Sciences can be found here. For personal student counseling about studies in geophysics, please contact Prof. Dr. Serge ShapiroProf. Dr. Georg Kaufmann, or our tutor Elisabeth Vu Thi.

If you want to socialize with students and geoscientists from all over the world and to improve the overall quality of your academic studies, we recommend to have a look at our student activities in the frame of the Student Geoscientific Society (SGS). Since 2007, our students have been operating the oldest Student Chapters of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) and the European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers (EAGE) in Germany. If you are interested in our student chapters, get in touch with their officers:




Contact SEG Student Chapter

Contact EAGE Student Chapter