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Successful Girls Day 2016

For the third time the seismics group participated in the am Girls Day event.

News from May 02, 2016

To provide young women and girls some insight to the profession of a geophysicist, the seismics working group took part in the Girls Day Event on 28.04.2016.

Lead by Dr. Stine Gutjahr 10 girls participated the workshop "What earthquakes tell us about the Earth's interior". This workshop should awake the girls' interest in seismology and geophysics in general. After a brainstorming on the topic earthquakes, there was a short introduction on earthquakes and their impact on science.

To also do some practical work, the girls split up into groups and learned about the different types of seismic waves and how to register them, how to estimate the magnitude of an earthquake, and how to locate an earthquake using a compass.

Next year again, our group will take part in this event to give young women and girls the opportunity to see the world of geophysics.

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