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Robert Neumeister


Department of Earth Sciences

Institute of Geological Sciences

Tectonics and Sedimentary Systems

Student assistant in the 'KAPMED' project

Malteserstr. 74-100
Room B 134
12249 Berlin

As a member of the KAPMED project I am currently working on the Silicy Cannel Rift Zone (SCRZ) between Sicily and Tunisia. Here I use the interpretation program "PETREL" to analyse seismic lines. The focus is on the determination between pre- and syn-rift-sediments and their dating with the help of drill cores. With the help of this work it is possible to improve the understanding, quantification and finally the dating of the dynamics of the Silicy Channel Rift Zone.

Further Information about the 'KAPMED' project on the personal website ("Research") of Jun. Prof. Dr. Eline Le Breton.