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Biomarker lab



What is Chromatography?

Chromatography, or "writing color," is a name derived from the method of separating pigments from complex mixtures. These techniques were developed in the nineteenth century.

Today, chromatography is the process used to separate individual compounds from a complex mixture to be able to study each individual compound by itself. These compounds can be of organic or inorganic nature.

The laboratory was established in 2020 and consists of facilities for organic biomarker extraction, separation and cleanup, characterization and quantification, as well as cold storage facilities. We can host interested graduate students, postdoctoral researchers or visiting scientists.

If you have any research idea and like to check the possibility for collaboration and use of the facility, please contact Dr. Alexander Rohrmann (alexander.rohrmann[at]fu-berlin.de) or Prof. Anne Bernhardt.

Facilities and Laboratory Equipment of the Organic Geochemistry Laboratory