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Shilei Qiao

Shilei Qiao

Arbeitsbereich Mineralogie-Petrologie

PhD Candidate

Malteserstr. 74-100
Room L637
12249 Berlin

Professional Experience

since 10/2019

Doctoral student at Freie Universität Berlin, Germany


09/2016 - 06/2019

Graduate student in Mineral, Petrology, Ore Deposits, at Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences

Master thesis: ‘the contribution of mantle component to diagenesis and metallogeny : a case study from Shiguo, Gaoling pluton and Nongping Au(Cu) deposit in Yanbian area.’

09/2012 - 06/2016

Undergraduate student in Resource Prospecting Engineering, at China University of Geociences, Wuhan, China

Bachelor thesis: ‘mineralogical characteristics of the ore-bearing Yanshanian granitoid and its revelation for metallogenesis in Xiaoxi’nancha copper-gold deposit, Yanbian.’

Current research interests

My current project of “The effect of fluoride on the mobility of economically relevant elements” focuses on the metal fluoride complex. Especially for the high-tech elements like Rare Earth Elements(REE) and High Field Strength Elements(HFSE), fluoride complex may play a big role in it. So we aim to find which elements can be moved effectively by fluoride complex. First of all, we will do some petrological and geochemical works to get a basic knowledge; then the F-bearing solution will be investigated by Hydrothermal Diamond Anvil Cells(HDAC) combined with Synchrotron X-Ray fluorescence(XRF). We will get the speciation and solubility of the targeted metals. Based on the previous results, we will construct a model to simulate the process of the metal mobility, and some refined works may be essential. We trust the achievements will be beneficial to the related area.