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• Geochronology of shear zones, tectonics and continental growth.

Several previous projects have focused on method development for microgeochronology for sampling of rocks and minerals on the sub-mm scale, in particular from ductile shear zones and the determination of cooling and uplift rates. Other projects have used Nd model ages and U-Pb dating of zircon.

 Contact: DrElis Hoffmann


 - A Rb-Sr perspective on the timing of peak burial for the HP-UHP Akezayi metamorphic complex (Tianshan, NW China) L. Bayet, T. John, H. Becker, E. Hoffmann, P. Argand (2015-2017).

- Exhumation processes in the eastern Alps, S. Schneider, C. Rosenberg, K. Hammerschmidt, M. Handy. DFG (2006-2010).