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• Chemical and isotopic constraints on chemical weathering

The element concentrations and isotopic composition of solutes in continental surface water and in suspended particles provide constraints on the fractionation processes and kinetics of chemical weathering. Isotopic fractionation of Li and Mg in these materials, in combination with other light element isotopes, has been used to constrain chemical weathering processes.

Light stable isotopes of O, H, C, S in surface water and in shells was also applied to constrain the sources and transport paths of atmospheric precipitation in Asia and in Central Europe and to test hypotheses on changes of atmospheric transport patterns with time.

Contact: Dr. Uwe Wiechert


 - Lithium isotope composition of water from Tibetan lakes. M. Weynell, U. Wiechert, F. Riedel, A. Winkler. DFG SPP 1372 TIP (2011-2013).

- Li, Mg and non-metal isotope constraints on chemical weathering in Central Europe. C. Ullmann, C. Wutzke, F. Wilckens, U. Wiechert, K. Hammerschmidt, R. Romer, J. Schüssler.