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Building B, Room B010

Lab Manager: Dr. Philipp Gleißner

In June 2022, a new Mass Spectrometer was installed in the Geochemistry labs at the Institute of Geological Sciences, Freie Universität Berlin. The Neoma instrument represents a new generation of MC-ICP-MS instruments, and its acquisition was jointly funded by the DFG and Freie Universität Berlin to support TRR 170 research. It provides various technical advances that result in excellent sensitivity, large mass dispersion and enhanced mass resolving power. Within the TRR170 program, it will be used to analyze mass-dependent stable isotope variations of Zn, Cu, and K in lunar samples (subproject B1), chondrites and their components (subproject B8) and experimental charges (subproject C1).

Arrival of the ICP and ESA module

Transport of the multi-collector module

Optical bench of the multi-collector module with one fixed center channel and 10 movable collector supports


Neoma Multi-collector ICP-MS (ThermoFisher Scientific) equipped with Apex Omega desolvator (Elemental Scientific) and SC-μ DX autosampler (Elemental Scientific)