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Earth’s oldest rocks, 2nd Edition

A new book on Earth’s oldest rocks, 2nd Edition, co-edited by Elis Hoffmann in collaboration with Martin van Kranendonk at University of New South Wales and Vickie Bennett at ANU.

News from Oct 12, 2018

Earth’s Oldest Rocks

It contains overview chapters about early Earth processes and rock types, description chapters about the outcrops of the oldest rocks and chapters about early life and mineral deposits. The book includes contributions from over 100 authors, all of whom are experts in their respective fields. It is an ideal resource for academics, students and the general public alike.

Earth’s Oldest Rocks, Second Edition, is the only single reference source for geological research of early Earth. This new edition is an up-to-date collection of scientific articles on all aspects of the early history of the Earth, from planetary accretion at 4.567 billion years ago (Ga), to the onset of modern-style plate tectonics at 3.2 Ga. Since the first edition was published, significant new advances have been made in our understanding of events and processes on early Earth that correspond with new advances in technology.

The research in this reference concentrates on what is directly gleaned from the existing rock record to understand how our planet formed and evolved during the planetary accretion phase, formation of the first crust, the changing dynamics of the mantle and style of tectonics, life’s foothold and early development, and mineral deposits.

Source: Elsevier

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