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TRR170 Seminar

TRR 170 Seminar – Berlin SS 2022 Mondays 14:30-16:00 (except where indicated otherwise).

Location: GeoCampus Lankwitz, Malteserstrasse 74-100 Haus C, Raum C014 (except where indicated otherwise)

28.4. Thursday, 16:15, Room C 011 (w. FUB Geocolloquium) Dr. Tim Lichtenberg (Oxford University): Geophysical evolution during rocky planet formation

2.5. No seminar (Annual Meeting Week)

12.5. Thursday, 16:15, online (w. FUB Geocolloquium) Prof. Dr. Véronique Dehant (Royal Observatory of Belgium): The InSight results in relation to habitability followed by informal chat “Women in Science” organized by the TRR 170 Gender Board

16.5. Keavin Moore (McGill University): Water Cycling and Loss to Space Throughout the Lifetime of an M-Earth

23.5. Dr. Cécile Deligny (FU Berlin): Origin and timing of accretion of volatile elements in the inner Solar System: constraints from in-situ analyses of achondrites

2.6. Thursday, 16:15, Room C 011 (w. FUB Geocolloquium) Dr. Jenny Feige (TU Berlin): Traces from nearby Supernovae on Earth

6.6. Holiday (Pentecost)

13.6. Dr. Christian Renggli (WWU Münster): A tale of two Planets: Sulfur on the Moon and Mercury


27.6. Dr. Laetitia Allibert (MfN Berlin): Large planetary impacts into a Magma Ocean: Comparison between numerical simulations and laboratory experiments

4.7. Julia Schmidt (FU Berlin): Implementation and impact of partition coefficient calculations in interior evolution models

11.7. Valeria Montejo (TU Berlin): Vertical density variations of lunar impact basins from gravity and topography

18.7. Irene Bernt (DLR Berlin): "Thermochemical evolution of a differentiated lunar mantle"

Student talks should be 30-45 minutes, depending on progress. External speakers have 45 minutes  for their presentation, followed by questions. Please consider the multidisciplinary background of the  audience as you prepare your presentation. Broader perspectives of your topic and well-explained  basics are always very much appreciated.

Hygiene rules in Berlin/FUB:

You do not need to wear masks if ALL of the following requirements are fulfilled: 1. “3G” rules apply during seminars: either you are fully vaccinated (eg 2 x Biontech + 14 days after your final vaccine) or recovered from a covid-19 infection or you have been tested negative within  the last 48 hours. 2. You can keep a distance of more than 1.5 meters to others. 3. You are registered using “a.nwesen.de” or, alternatively a seminar list with your name and email.

Please note that it is likely that we cannot meet 2. for the audience in C 014. So please wear masks during the seminar. Also, registration (name list) will be required so we can react if someone becomes ill. Speakers do not need to wear masks during the seminar and if you have  questions, you can take off your mask. We will keep the door open and will open windows for fresh air. Because of poor ventilation, we should avoid that too many people wait in the foyer of Haus C.

We will open the seminar room in time. Virtual presentations (Webex): Please mute your microphone if you are not speaking. Please klick the “hand” symbol to indicate  that you have a question (if you click again, it will disappear). Don’t forget to unmute your  microphone and turn on your video in case it is off. After you are finished, mute your microphone again.

Harry Becker and Lena Noack

Webex link: see beloWebex Information (Note: On April 28 and June 2nd no video transmission possible, on May 12, a separate link will be provided)

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2731 279 9540


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Dial 27312799540@fu-berlin.webex.com
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