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• SFB-TRR 170 Late accretion onto terrestrial planets

The late growth history of the terrestrial planets, from the last giant collisions with planetary embryos to the subsequent late bombardment with smaller objects, is of critical importance for understanding the early chemical differentiation processes and the evolution of the terrestrial planets. The goal of this research program is to improve our current understanding of the late-accretion history of the Earth, its Moon, and other terrestrial planets from 4.5 to 3.8 billion years ago. A multidisciplinary approach will provide novel insights into the timing and rates, chemical budget, and geodynamic implications of late accretion and will constrain the physicochemical boundary conditions during this time interval.

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AB Geochemistry Projects in TRR 170 (Funding period 2016-2019):

- TRR 170-A1: Chronometric investigations of ancient lunar impact rocks. D. Vanderliek, H. Becker; T. Haber, E. Scherer.

- TRR 170-A3: Ancient bombardment of the inner solar system – Reinvestigation of the “fingerprints” of different impactor populations. C. Orgel, C. Riedel, G. Michael, H. Hiesinger; H. Becker.

- TRR 170-B1: Origin of fractionations of highly siderophile and siderophile volatile elements in lunar rocks and in the Earth. P. Gleissner, Z. Wang, C. Li, H. Becker.

- TRR 170-B2: Stable isotope fractionation of S, Te and Pd and the roles of core formation and late accretion on siderophile volatile elements in the Earth. F. Schmid, H. Becker, T. Grützner, S. Klemme, J. Hellmann, T. Kleine.

- TRR 170-C6: Formation and evolution of crust on early Earth. J. Schmidt, L. Noack.

- TRR 170-MGK „Integrated Research Training Group Planetary Sciences“ E. Lehmann, H. Becker.

- TRR 170-Z “Coordination Project” E. Lehmann, H. Becker.

- TRR 170 “Origin of Si and Fe isotope variations in enstatite chondrites” J. Sikdar, Y. Kadlag, M. Tatzel, H. Becker, D. Frick, J. Schüssler.

- TRR 170 “Highly siderophile and chalcophile elements in peridotites from the New Caledonia ophiolite” A. Secchiari, H. Becker, C. Li, P. Gleissner.