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• Early evolution of the Earth’s crust and mantle

A major research focus lies on the processes that formed the early continental crust with tonalitic-trondhjemitic-granodioritic (TTG) composition. This includes the identification of Earth’s early geodynamic processes, characterization of the mafic rocks that melted to produce TTGs and the investigation of the pressure/temperature conditions of partial melting.

In addition, we study mantle-derived basalts, komatiites and Archean peridotites to place constraints on crust-mantle recycling and incompatible element depletion in mantle contemporaneous with crust formation processes. We apply major, trace element and Hf-Nd-Os isotope as well as highly siderophile element (HSE) analyses. These methods are combined with thermodynamic and numerical modeling to better characterize the framework of early Earth’s mantle and crustal evolution.


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