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Dr. Vitor Barrote

Vitor Barrote

Geochemistry Group

Research Scientist, ICP-MS Lab Manager

Malteserstr. 74-100
Room 221, Building B
12249 Berlin
+4930 838 4 69086

Research Interests: 

Vitor Barrote is interested in expanding the limited geological record by increasing the amount of information we can extract with petrochronology, via innovative data visualization and manipulation and technical developments. He is also interested in understanding Earth's evolution and differentiation thorough the lens of isotopic geochemistry. He values the use of multidisciplinary studies applied in unorthodox ways in order to solve unusual problems and sees mineral deposits as augmented occurrences of important geological processes, and therefore, key research targets to understand Earth's evolution.

Vitor Barrote is also a member of the Traveling Geologist team and the host for Gneiss Chats on the Geology Podcast Network.  He is a big fan of spreading education through inclusive media, with science outreach efforts such as the Gneiss Chats podcast and the Petrochronics initiative. He is also a member of the Project MOBILE